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Posted on: 23 September 2023





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Test Assessor Contractor - Casper Rater

Acuity Insights is on a mission to create a world served by exceptional professionals.

We do that by helping higher education institutions select, nurture and graduate the most well-rounded students with technical and social skills, ensuring that when they enter the workplace as physicians, teachers, engineers or any other profession, they are equipped to serve our communities with social intelligence and cultural competency.

We are growing our community of Test Assessors in Australia who wants to be part of our mission, contributing on a casual contractor basis.

What To Know About The Casper Test

Casper is our online, open-response situational judgment test (SJT) that evaluates social intelligence and professionalism. It supports a holistic review process by providing academic programs with a reliable and valid measure of applicants’ soft skills. It helps predict which students will succeed in-program and in work placement.

Casper complements existing admissions tools that measure academic and technical skills while reducing bias and contributing to a more fair and equitable admissions process.

Opportunity & Impact

As a Test Assessor (otherwise known as a Rater) for Acuity, you help level the playing field in Higher Education admissions. You will directly impact applicants' future and support the admissions process and selection decisions.

You get a chance to:

  • Leverage the virtual onboarding and implicit bias training we provide you to rate the Casper test responses of applicants of academic programs we partner with across Australia.
  • Read applicant responses and analytically and thoughtfully assign scores as you compare them to the overall pool of test takers.
  • Work 100% remotely and at your own pace.
  • Provide feedback to help us improve and optimize our tests, platforms, and content.
  • Participate in ongoing refresher training.

It is a casual contractor/hobby position that can provide you supplemental income, earning you, on average, between $30-35 / hour when test responses are available to rate. While there’s no guaranteed minimum work as responses are available on a first-come, first-served basis, you will have access to a quarterly Casper testing schedule, allowing flexibility to choose when to work and estimate potential earnings.

To qualify as a Test Assessor, you:
  • Reside and eligible to work in Australia.
  • Native / Bilingual Proficiency in English language.
  • Have knowledge and experience of Australian culture.
  • Feel strongly aligned with our company's mission.
  • Are someone with an empathetic and analytical mindset.
  • Embody our core values of Caring, Curious and Driven; excited to help us improve the rating process and platform as part of your work.
  • Can demonstrate a high level of comfort working with technology.
  • Have your own desktop/laptop computer to work on (tablets and cellular devices are not acceptable)
  • CANNOT currently be a student or have plans of pursuing higher education. This qualifies as a conflict of interest as you may be required to take your own Casper test in the future.

We welcome applicants from all walks of life across Australia, which means you’ll also be part of a diverse group of Test Assessors!

The selection, interview & training process:

Here are the general steps you can expect:

  • Selection. An actual human - not bots - reviews your application for alignment with the qualifying criteria.
  • Intro Conversation. If selected, we invite you to share the story behind your application and professional interests and learn more about the role and company with a representative of the Casper Operations team. (30-minute video call)
  • Mini Casper Test. Get a feel for the applicant experience and understand the types of scenarios/responses you could be evaluating as a Rater by taking a mini version of the Casper test. (15-20 minutes via unique testing link)
  • Invitation to Become a Rater. If you’ve met our qualifying criteria, you’ll receive an invitation to our online rating platform (OSCAR) within 2-4 business days.
  • Become a Certified Rater. Complete and pass our online training modules to become a certified Casper Rater within 5 business days after you receive the invitation. (3-4 hours on the rating platform)

You’re now ready to start contributing as a Casper Rater!

A bit more about us

Acuity Insights (formerly Altus Assessments) is a Canadian company established in 2014. We were founded on 15 years of research by co-founders Kelly Dore (Ph.D.) and Harold Reiter (M.D MEd), who invented our first product, Casper, a higher education admissions assessment, at McMaster University in Ontario.

In 2021 we acquired One45, a healthcare education software company, expanding our team and offerings beyond admissions assessments to program management and analytics products for higher education institutions.

Behind Acuity Insights, you’ll find a vibrant group of 130+ naturally caring, curious and driven people collaborating remotely (and occasionally in person) across Canada and some international locations where our customers and markets are.

At Acuity Insights, we believe a team rich in diverse backgrounds, lived experiences, and opinions create a better workplace, builds better products, and achieves greater social impact and financial outcomes.

We foster a culture of transparency and respect, follow fair hiring practices and prioritize equity and inclusion in our policies, business decisions and day-to-day operations.

Thank you for considering supporting Acuity Insights as Casper Rater!


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