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Posted on: 17 September 2023





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Head of People Ops

About Baubap

We are a fast-growing, Mexican fintech startup with the mission to become the bridge to people’s financial freedom through technology.

We are providing microloans to people in financial need through a fast and efficient process, always treating them with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Our long-term vision is be the most inclusive digital bank in LATAM with more than 2.5 million clients.


About your role

As Head of People Operations you will act as a champion for the company culture and will be responsible for setting up systems and processes that allow us to develop and grow faster than ever.

We want to make sure that Baubap remains a great place to work, where people are challenged to do their best work, and where everyone makes a difference.

As Head of People Operations you will be responsible for offering the best possible support to our exceptional team and you will need to build your own team that can scale and support the company as it grows, especially focusing on:

  • making sure all our People Ops processes work like a well-oiled machine,
  • we transmit our company culture and virtues all across the board.

Your team will also closely partner with the two other teams within the People area - the Talent Acquisition team and the Talent Development team.



  • Design and implement efficient and engaging onboarding process, that sets up our new team members for success the fastest possible,
  • Design and implement series of company-wide initiatives that transmit clearly our values and way of working, measurably improving our team members’ engagement and satisfaction (including team building events and managing company off-sites),
  • Design and implement compensation framework that ensures equity and transparency across the company, making sure our team members feel fairly recognised,
  • Ensure scalable and efficient payroll processing,
  • Implement scalable HR strategies regarding onboarding, offboarding, compensation, health and welfare benefits, records management, productivity tools, employee relations and retention, compliance, and labor relations,
  • Ensure compliance with federal, state, and local legal requirements, anticipating legislation and ensuring we adhere to the requirements.

Day to day

  • Provide HR support across the company on the most complex issues, supporting our team members in all related areas
  • Collect and analyse useful data to help guide our decision making, and allow the company to scale effectively and efficiently,
  • Enhance and foster our culture by developing programs and initiatives that keep our team members closely knit,
  • Help to manage our compensation plans and identify new benefits offerings as the team continues to grow,
  • Leverage technical skills and HR tools to propose process improvements and automate tasks through technology,
  • Build and maintain strong partnerships with IT, Compliance and Finance to ensure streamlined processes and controls,
  • Create and implement frameworks and tools for project management, data management and testing;
  • Build a world-class onboarding program that helps our team members to quickly ramp into their new role,
  • Constantly evaluate our benefits package to ensure it remains competitive and reflects our company culture,
  • Manage the third party relations related to the benefits we offer to our team members,
  • Ensure we maintain a track of the company-wide productivity tools and their usage, to optimise our monthly spending.


What you bring to the team

  • You’ve done this before - you successfully lead fast-scaling People teams in constantly changing environment that led to the development and implementation of key people processes and policies from scratch
  • You hired, developed, and managed high-performing People teams
  • You have developed strong views on “what the right way to do things” is, and act with conviction based on strong foundations
  • You demonstrated analytical and strategic depth, thinking from first principles across multiple problems, rather than relying on general frameworks:
    • Experience in non-People-related functions (e.g., analytics) or generalist backgrounds (e.g., operations, consultant) is highly welcome
    • You are always asking “but why” and challenging the way things are done
    • You are extremely organised, well structured and analytical, and love to spend your time putting things in order
  • You crafted and managed compensation practices
  • You have a deep knowledge of legal HR compliance matters in Mexico, and have extensive knowledge of HRIS and payroll systems
  • You have working knowledge of the critical components of a successful HR department including employment law, employee engagement, maintaining employee files, and managing operational budgets

Your skills

  • Clear and transparent communication. You are able to able to express your thoughts clearly, concisely and to the point. You can openly discuss any blockers you have, and constructively point out areas for improvement.
  • Relentlessly resourceful at execution and problem solving. You make things happen, no matter what. You are disciplined, organized and systematically follow through on your work. Instead of getting stuck thinking "well, this doesn't work", you look for creative / innovative / outside-of-the-box solutions to fix the issue and move on.
  • Sense of urgency. You operate with a constant sense of urgency (as if there was a large, hungry wolf chasing you), constantly looking for ways to move ahead and push everything around you to get to your desired outcome in the most efficient and productive way. You don’t wait around and make things happen.
  • Flexibility / adaptability / resilience. You can maintain your composure and focus despite the constantly changing environment, and adequately adapt to new conditions. You can swiftly change the course of action when needed, and you don't get easily demotivated.
  • Being self-driven /committed. You require very little guidance and intervention from your leader to move ahead. You can correctly read what the situation requires, and take the necessary action accordingly. If your leader were to disappear, you can still move ahead and make relevant things happen. You act because you want to, and not because someone else is telling you that you should.
  • Strategic thinking / seeing the bigger picture. You can see further than just your immediate "doorstep". You can correctly assess the deeper implications of certain decisions that might materialise in the future, and take decisions accordingly. You often use data or previous research to inform your recommendations and decisions.
  • Critical / analytical thinking. You can correctly analyse the root causes of a problem, without getting side-tracked by irrelevant, minor details. You can come to the right conclusion and propose a clear, logical plan of action. You don't stay on the surface of things.


What we can offer you

  • Being part of a multinational, highly driven team of professionals.
  • Flexible and remote working environment.
  • High level of ownership and independence.
  • 20 vacation days / year + 75% holiday bonus.
  • 1 month (proportional) of Christmas bonus.
  • "Vales de despensa" 3,112 MXN / month.
  • Health & Life insurance.
  • Home office set-up budget.
  • Unlimited budget for Kindle books.
  • Baubap Free Loan.
  • Competitive salary.


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