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Posted on: 19 November 2023





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Director of Revenue Operations


Who We Are

Float is the world’s leading software for teams to plan their time. Launched in 2012, we’ve grown every year since, and remain proudly independent, self-funded and profitable. We’re a team of 46 working 100% remotely and you’ll be partnering with team members based globally in countries like Australia, Mexico, Canada, Nigeria and the USA. Hear what our team has to say by browsing our blog, or reading our Glassdoor reviews. Check out what our customers think of Float from our G2 reviews.

We’re on a scale up journey, and we’re seeking people who thrive in this stage, given the autonomy, and the opportunity, to do the best work of their career.

Why We’re Hiring For This Role

We’re seeking our first Revenue Operations role to partner with our Sales and Marketing leaders to accelerate our revenue growth.

We have established Marketing, Sales and Success teams. Each team is responsible for unique goals throughout the customer journey, from lead gen, to sales opp conversion and retention. Each team has a unique toolset, reference their own datasets, and success metrics. Reporting is siloed. Each team leader is responsible for both establishing the systems for tracking performance, while also reconciling the results, and actively working to improve them. Setting revenue targets, budgets, and tools to track buyer behavior and performance, is increasingly more complex and time-intensive as we’ve scaled. These activities take our leaders away from the work supporting their team, strengthening their domain, delivering customer value, and results that can impact our revenue.

With north of 4,500 paying teams and 100K active users, we have access to a dataset that enables us to expand with a more sophisticated marketing and sales motion. We’re excited about the potential, building on the many years of experiments and learnings to date.

We are well positioned for a data-driven, revenue operations role to join the team.

Our CEO, Glenn, explains the important role you will play within our team. Watch this video.

What You’ll Be Responsible For

The role is accountable for the revenue generating practices, processes and performance of our Sales, Marketing and Success teams.

In the short term, as you ramp up, you’ll:

  • Get to know our go-to-market strategy, team roles and existing success measures
  • Audit our entire marketing, sales and success funnel, the systems, data and reports. You’ll start to unify terminology and internal documentation
  • Form a deep understanding of our sales & marketing operating expenses
  • Review sales commission quotas, pipeline and historical performance of our sales team

As you’re settled in you’ll partner with our Marketing, Sales & Success leaders to set revenue goals, set budgets, optimize existing expenses, drive performance improvements and introduce systems that support scale.

You’ll start to:

  • Establish a cadence of marketing lead and sales pipeline forecasting reports
  • Refine paid marketing budgets based on cash flow forecasting, and a strong understanding of payback periods
  • Deliver insights that improve the quality of sales opportunities and overall sales effectiveness
  • Devise sales commission structures to track performance against overall revenue growth, and support hiring decisions
  • Set goals that reward our success team’s efforts to improve to customer and revenue retention
  • Deliver insights that inform our plans and pricing strategy  
  • Support our Sales team on Enterprise contract pricing and packaging


You’ll have the opportunity to shape our future data tool stack, partnering with our Senior Data Scientist to build on our existing BI tools with a dedicated Customer Data Platform.

Over time, you’ll help the leadership team identify new strategies to attract, retain and expand customer revenue.

Today, basic financial forecasting and management activities have been managed by the CEO. Our Business Operations Manager leads financial reporting, AR and AP.

You’ll report directly to our CEO, and you’ll have no direct reports. This is our first Revenue Operations role, and an exciting opportunity to establish and scale the RevOps domain at Float.

What You’ll Need To Be Successful

Your career demonstrates a path of specialization in Sales or Marketing Revenue Operations. You’re passionate about the revenue side of operations, using data to improve systems, and deliver predictable revenue growth.

Perhaps you’ve been part of a larger RevOps team, and are looking to lead a RevOps domain in the scale up stage of our journey.

You have experience in the SaaS world, ideally with PLG companies around the 5-figure contract range. You know the common metrics, from ACV, to NRR.

Our Sales & Marketing stack includes Google Ads, Intercom, Hubspot and Mailerlite, and we trust you can dive right into these from day one. We use Metabase for BI. We’re seeking someone that can enhance our toolset, and work across these datasets to uncover opportunities for revenue growth and strategies to get us there.

Experience with the modern data stack and managing a composable customer data platform is a major plus. You don’t need the know-how to setup and manage new data tools (our Senior Data Scientist does, you’ll partner with them frequently), but you know what’s possible, and how to navigate a journey to get there.

Success in your role is about being an excellent storyteller. You excel in communicating insights primarily async, and driving change across Sales & Marketing teams.

You’re looking to be part of a scale up journey to $100M in revenue, and to join a team that is already established, but the story is still being written.

Why Join Us

Pay for this role is US $154,612 (Level 4). Here’s a blog post with more information on how we determine our salaries.

We’re a global async remote company with a diverse team of people from all over the world who share a common belief in living our best work life. We believe deeply in the idea of transparency and share our Float Handbook publicly so potential new team members can see first hand our perks & benefits as well as our ways of working. If you feel like you can thrive at Float to do your best work, we would love to hear from you.

Note: Industry research shows that women and those in traditionally underrepresented groups generally don’t apply to jobs unless they check all the boxes for the role. If you feel strongly that you have what it takes for this role but don’t check 100% of the boxes—that’s okay—we encourage you to apply anyway and highlight what you can bring to the table.


Hiring Process For This Role

You’ll find a lot of useful information about our interview process and what it’s like to join our global team on the Float careers page. The hiring process for this role looks like this:

  • Initial First Meet: If your application is shortlisted, you will have a 15-minute meeting with Linda from Talent. This meeting gives us an opportunity to learn more about your experience and also allows you to ask any questions you have about the role.
  • Founder Interview: You’ll meet with Glenn, Float’s CEO, for a 45-minute interview to dig into your experience, career goals and to answer any questions you may have.
  • Co-Worker Interview: You’ll meet with the Director of Marketing, Siobhan,  and the Director of Customer Success, Alison, for a 45-minute interview that will deep dive into ways of working, 
  • Operations Team Interview: As the final step in the process, you’ll meet with members of our Operations team, Business Operations Manager, Sarah, and Director of Operations, Georgie, for a 30-minute interview.


Our hiring process takes an average of 24 days from the first interview to a job offer (based on YTD 2023 data). Our Talent team will be in touch each step of the way to ensure that you are well informed and aware of the next step in the process.

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applications, we can only contact candidates who have been shortlisted for the role. If you do not hear from us within 14 days of submitting your application, we encourage you to apply for another role in the future.


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