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Posted on: 23 September 2023





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Data scientist position

We are seeking an experienced Data Engineering Associate to join our team. Our data infrastructure includes the use of Fivetran for data integration, DBT for transformation, Google Big Query as our data warehouse, and Google Looker Studio for data visualization. The successful candidate will need to be proficient in all these tools and must be able to create complex data models, write sophisticated queries, and design data transformations.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Develop and maintain dashboards using Google Looker Studio, based on requirements from different business departments.
2. Write SQL queries to extract, analyze, and interpret data stored in Google Big Query.
3. Develop data transformations before warehousing to ensure that data is stored optimally for downstream tasks (Fivetran uses DB Core)
4. Collaborate with department heads and data owners to understand data needs and develop appropriate visualizations.
5. Ensure data accuracy and integrity at all stages of the data pipeline.
6. Provide technical support and training to end users on Google Looker Studio as needed.
7. Regularly update documentation of data flows and dashboards for transparency and future reference.

Required Skills and Experience:
1. Proven experience as a Data Analytics Consultant, Data Analyst, or a similar role in Data Science.
2. Proficiency in SQL and experience with data warehousing in Google Big Query.
3. Expertise in creating and managing dashboards with Google Looker Studio.
4. Experience with data integration tools, preferably Fivetran.
5. Exceptional analytical skills with the ability to transform raw data into meaningful insights.
6. Excellent communication skills and the ability to explain complex data topics to non-technical team members.
7. A strong understanding of data privacy and security best practices.


data science
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