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Posted on: 19 February 2024





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Results for Development (R4D) is a leading non-profit global development partner. We collaborate with change agents around the world — government officials, civil society leaders and social innovators — to create strong systems that support healthy, educated people. We help our partners move from knowing their goal to knowing how to reach it. We combine global expertise in health, education and nutrition with analytic rigor, practical support for decision-making and implementation and access to peer problem-solving networks. Together with our partners, we build self-sustaining systems that serve everyone and deliver lasting results. Then we share what we learn so others can achieve results for development, too. 
We have a unique and vibrant culture at R4D. Diversity, equity and inclusion are at the heart of our work environment and help advance our mission. Diversity—of ideas, identities, perspectives and backgrounds—is vital to who we are and what we do. We seek people who embrace these values and will help reinforce them. Our work culture is collaborative, creative and entrepreneurial. We operate based on trust and respect. Teams across the organization frequently collaborate on programmatic work and support each other in continuously building a better R4D.
Governance Action Hub
The Governance Action Hub seeks to explore what is possible by connecting people, organizations and networks, focusing on targeted action that complements or strengthens existing efforts.
The Action Hub understands governance as the ecosystem needed to achieve common, desirable, societal goals, necessitating a reconsideration of our strategies. This rethinking requires the agency of local stakeholders and engaging them in the solutions of challenges they face. We plan to do this through strengthening collective action strategies, elevating and supporting local stakeholder ideas, promoting cross-learning, and facilitating the coordination of local and global action. These will occur at the country and global levels.
At the country level, the Action Hub fosters coordination with national or international partners to support radical collaboration, elevate voices, and support problem-solving by testing solutions proposed by local stakeholders. At the global level, the Action Hub aims to progressively build a global community that promotes exchange and cross-learning between and among local and global level actors, leveraging new voices and connecting actors with different perspectives and experiences.
In support of this work, the Governance Action Hub is looking for a country team member based in Colombia at the intersection of the fields of governance and systems thinking, to work with the Action Hub’s senior fellow and country facilitator.
The Action Hub is seeking requests for quotes from qualified and experienced individuals to fulfill the specified tasks and deliverables outlined below:

Task 1: Steps 1-4 of the Governance Action co-creation process
  • Collaborating closely with the Senior Fellow at R4D and the designated Country Facilitator, the country team member will provide essential support in the implementation of steps one to four of the Governance Action Hub co-creation process. This involves not only ensuring adherence to the established process but also actively contributing insights, fostering collaboration, and leveraging their expertise to navigate potential challenges.
Task 2:  Field visit to Colombia
  • Integral to the co-creation process is the necessity for a comprehensive feasibility testing visit, and the country team member will be responsible for supporting this activity. Taking charge of logistical aspects, the country team member will plan and coordinate the field visit to Colombia. This includes scheduling meetings, liaising with local stakeholders, and overseeing the set-up of activities.
Task 3: Governance Action Hub meetings
  • The country team member will be required to attend and actively contribute to biweekly team meetings, providing insights, updates, and collaborative input.
Task, Deliverable, Due Date and Payment
Steps 1-4 of the Governance Action Hub co-creation process - 3/30/2024 - $X000
  • Submission and R4D acceptance of:
  • A written desk review (e.g. political economy analysis) of the institutional landscape, actors, relationships, and behavioral patterns within a chosen sector,
  • Hypotheses on potential pathways for change in the present local context, presenting a high-level theory around a coalition of change agents acting as systems stewards,
  • A comprehensive list of potential system co-sponsors and allies,
  • A pitch/presentation to the decision panel, assessing the feasibility for change within the target sector, and
  • Report outlining follow-up activities and engagements with selected stakeholders after the Governance Action Hub scoping visit, aligned with agreements made with Senior Fellow, Country Facilitator, and Program Director.
Field visit to Colombia
  • Submission and R4D acceptance of: 03/30/2024 - $X000
  • A list of hypotheses, assumptions, and questions crafted for the scoping visit, accompanied by a tool to systematically track their testing and outcomes.
  • Report detailing the establishment of connections between visiting parties and local stakeholders, emphasizing interactions, and presenting a list of specific objectives agreed upon for the visit.
  • Document outlining the development, preparation, and implementation of the agenda for the Governance Action Hub's scoping visit, ensuring alignment with project goals and objectives.
  • Recommendations on suitable discussion formats for various conversations, taking into account partner NGOs, local governments, and influential thought leaders, with a focus on maximizing effectiveness.
  • Systematic documentation and organization of meeting notes, ensuring clarity, accessibility, and relevance for future reference.
  • Preparation of comprehensive documentation for the draft decision meeting, capturing essential insights, outcomes, and recommendations arising from the scoping visit.
Governance Action Hub Meetings - 03/30/2024 - $X000
  • Submission and R4D acceptance of:
  • Documented participation in project meetings.
Interested applicants should submit their quotes by February 5th, 2024 11:59 ET including the following information:
  • Detailed breakdown of costs for each deliverable,
  • CV,
  • Client references, and
  • Work sample.
Quotes should be sent to Supriya Sadagopan and Natida Nivasnanda at ssadagopan@r4d.org and  nnivasnanda@r4d.org by February 5th, 2024 11:59 ET. Late submissions will not be considered.
We encourage all interested parties to carefully review the attached project details and deliverables. Any questions or requests for clarification should be directed to govactionhub@r4d.org.
The engagement will be a part-time consultant.

  • Successful candidates are likely to have the following qualifications:
  • 10+ years of relevant work experience in the fields of governance and accountability, innovation, democracy and/or learning at a donor/funder organization, government, or multilateral organization (such as UNICEF, UNESCO, or World Bank).
  • MA (or PhD) in Business Management/Administration, Finance, Public Policy, Public Administration, Developmental Studies or related advanced degree.
  • Undergraduate/graduate training in international development, education, economics, social sciences or a related field.
  • Relevant experience in building or studying coalitions for change, thinking and working politically (TWP) approaches and systems thinking methods.
  • Strong stakeholder management skills and deep expertise in developing, implementing and / or advising social sector and climate policies and programs.
  • In-depth subject expertise in the fields of natural resources, energy, and innovation specific to the Colombian context.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in designing and implementing initiatives related to anti-corruption measures, transparency enhancement, fostering accountability, and promoting meaningful citizen engagement, with a focus on driving positive societal impact.
  • Substantial professional experience demonstrating knowledge of the Colombian bureaucratic landscape, allowing for effective navigation and contribution to initiatives within the governmental context.
  • Ability to deliver high-quality outputs and results within tight timeframes.
  • Excellent project management and problem-solving skills.
  • Comfort working with a diverse team of colleagues from many different countries, cultures, and backgrounds.
  • Strong organizational skills, and ability to lead a workstream, working both independently and in cooperation with a team.
  • Relevant computer software skills (including, at a minimum, the standard applications in MS Office).
  • Based in Colombia.
  • Full professional fluency in English and Spanish.
Results for Development is an EOE/M/F/Vet/Disabled/Affirmative Action Employer committed to fostering
and nurturing an energetic, collaborative and diverse workforce. R4D provides market-competitive salaries and comprehensive employee benefits.


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