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USA, Australia

Posted on: 17 September 2023





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Content & Community Manager

Company Description

Welcome to Reejig, where we believe in transforming the landscape of work, but more importantly, we believe in the power of people who help build that vision. We're a team of builders, doers, and strategic thinkers, thriving in an atmosphere of high performance and continuous evolution. Here, we don't just navigate change; we create it, head-on.

Our Mission 

A world with zero wasted potential is where every individual has access to a meaningful career; where every business can be taken to new heights because we are able to unlock the skills and potential of our people; where society has confidence in a working world in which everyone has access to fair and equal opportunity. This is what we stand for.

This position is fully remote and can be based anywhere in Australia or US (preferably out of Sydney). Please do not apply if you're not physically located in Australia or the US. 

How We Work

At Reejig, we envision a future of work that breaks from traditional paradigms. We are pioneers, cultivating a workforce that is not merely a collection of full-time employees, but an optimized blend of fixed, agile, and flex workers, including the remarkable capabilities of generative AI. We call this our ‘Workforce DNA’—a harmonious integration of diverse work styles that fosters innovation, adaptability, and growth.

Our team members are provided the opportunity to engage in the most meaningful work, allowing their unique skills to shine while contributing to our shared goals. This hybrid model of workforce strategy liberates our employees from conventional roles, promoting a dynamic work environment that thrives on collaboration, intellectual diversity, and technological advancement. Join us at Reejig, as we lead the charge into a new era of work, shaping an inclusive and resilient workforce of tomorrow.

Job Description

Reejig is looking for a full time contract or permanent role on the marketing team that focuses on powerful storytelling about the problems Reejig’s users experience, strategies to solve those problems and why Reejig is positioned as the best solution partner to support them.

These stories will be told across a variety of channels and mediums. But most importantly, they will be told in a way that will connect and unite our customers, prospects, industry experts and influencers and the broader community of HR and talent professionals in building a world of Zero Wasted Potential.

Examples of projects this role will own:

  • Email marketing create newsletters and nurture streams to support marketing campaigns
  • Social media content strategy and production
  • Project manage community strategies, campaigns, platforms, launches and ongoing engagement
  • Ideate virtual event series, create content and coordinate with marketing team on logistics and production

  • 2-4+ years in content-writing oriented role B2B SaaS organization
  • 2+ years in social media management
  • 1+ year in community management

You will need proven proficiency in:

  • Strong Writing Skills
  • Basic Proficiency in Generative AI and AI Prompting
  • Research Abilities
  • Adaptability
  • SEO Knowledge
  • Creativity
  • Time Management
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Social Media Savvy
  • Storyboarding
  • Storytelling Ability
  • Communication Skills
  • Basic HTML and Formatting
  • Analytical Skills
  • Knowledge of Community Engagement
  • Knowledge of Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Knowledge of HR or work tech buyer personas

Additional Information

What’s in it for you?

  • The opportunity to contribute towards building the brand for an award winning product with cutting-edge technology and be part of an innovative and collaborative team.
  • Competitive salary and benefits package, including access to our employee share option plan.
  • Flexible work hours and a fully remote work environment.
  • Access to benefits such as Paid Parental Leave, and Work From Anywhere.

At Reejig, we're committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We welcome applicants of all backgrounds and identities. Reach out and apply now!


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