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Posted on: 30 November 2023





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Chief Resolutions Officer

At SIMPLE, our vision is clear: We’re leaders in supporting people to live healthier, happier lives, guiding them with care toward better health and well-being. To do that, we translate nutritional and wellness science into actions that fit easily into everyday life with minimal stress, and help them change their behavior — around nutrition, fitness, stress, sleep, and mindset.  

We’re getting there, too. SIMPLE is a successful mobile product with over 15 million unique downloads, more than 300K 5-star reviews, and over 50% year-over-year revenue growth. It offers judgment-free, gentle guidance toward balanced nutrition, a healthy relationship with food, and ultimately, improved health and well-being. Built with flexibility and convenience in mind, the app is a safe and supportive space to get actionable feedback, learn, and increase confidence. SIMPLE’s method is shaped by a global team of nutrition, behavior change, digital health, and medical experts. The journey is enhanced through Avo, a personal wellness assistant within the app that provides proactive suggestions and real-time answers. With SIMPLE as a partner in their pocket, users feel cared for and empowered to embrace — and stick to — new healthy habits. To learn more, visit simple.life

Do New Year’s Resolutions make you feel salty? 

If this sounds like you: 

  • your internal “BS” alarm blares whenever you hear someone say something like, “Starting January 1st, I’m gonna exercise EVERY DAY!”
  • you know that losing weight or getting fitter isn’t just about “trying harder”
  • you’re often found passionately advocating “the power of small steps”, “the importance of consistency”, and the fact that change is a process 

… we’ve got the perfect role for you! 

As our Chief (Anti-New Year’s) Resolutions Officer, you’ll play a pivotal role in keeping the sanity and sustainability in the goal-setting and achieving processes of both users and the team at SIMPLE. 

Deadline to apply:  December 22
Start date:  January 2024


  • help people think BIG and small, encouraging them to reach for big dreams while keeping their feet on the ground with small steps. 
  • show that goal setting done RIGHT is positive, fun, and leads to real progress, rejecting soulless “SMART” goals in favor of goals that are inspirational, motivating, and achievable
  • be our Consistency Ambassador, teaching colleagues and users alike about the power of small actions, done over and over, to drive lasting results. 
  • work with the Product and Content teams to provide guidance on how big, hairy goals can be broken down into small, doable steps, to inform the development of both in-app tools and educational content. 
  • lead the charge on our “Anti-New Year Resolutions” narrative to teach how over-ambitious goals are hard — if not impossible — to reach, undermine our sense of self-efficacy, and lead to defeat and dissatisfaction. 
  • offer emotional guidance and wise counsel to colleagues who are suffering with New Year’s Resolution Fatigue or its corollary, Over-Ambitious Daily Action Syndrome.
  • bring a calming sense of realism and a fresh approach to users who get stuck and overwhelmed by super-sizing their goals and biting off more than they can chew.


  • a deeply client-centered, instinctive coach with 20+ years experience supporting people in their change journeys and a strong problem-solving mind.
  • energized by working at speed and on complex tasks that require you to use all your brain smarts.
  • a strong leader who can empower a team and unite people behind a mission. 
  • someone with a sharp mind; a deep grasp of behavior change, nutrition, sleep, stress, and recovery (you probably read research for fun); and the ability to make connections other people can’t see.
  • a confident, persuasive communicator who’s lectured internationally and has at least 10 years of university teaching and course direction.
  • open-minded, willing to experiment with new ideas, and dedicated to life-long learning.

Exceptional candidates will be:

  • a trained counselor specializing in the psychology of behavior change, with extensive skills in motivational interviewing, solution-focused therapy, DBT, and CBT. 
  • an incredible writer with an extensive back catalog of smart, sense-talking articles, books, and textbooks.
  • a specialist in finding solutions to icky, sticky change conundrums that would make other coaches run away screaming.

Our key values

  • Driving change through a positive attitude. We are a companion and a “nice place to be” rather than a military sergeant who pushes ultimate results.
  • Solving complex problems with simple (yet effective) solutions.
  • We build our decisions based on testing and research, and intend to develop a “best in class” product culture.
  • What we do should bring value to our users and have a positive impact on their lives. As a business, we focus on long-time LTV and users who stay, rather than making money on quick and easy hacks but losing trust on the long run.

What you’ll get

  • A mobile product with strong growth. SIMPLE is one of the top performers in American and Australian app stores, and we’re now expanding across Europe.
  • Open and democratic team communication. You can directly influence the product and its indicators.
  • A competitive salary package based on your unique expertise, skillset, and impact on the product.
  • A stock option plan for every employee. When SIMPLE does well, everyone benefits.
  • Flexible schedule and work-life balance. We focus on your results, not your hours.
  • Top technical equipment, health insurance, relocation program, friendly and highly qualified colleagues.

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